Vlog on Connecticon

Hello my peeples! I did another silly vlog, this time chatting about the effect of Connecticon's crazy costumes on the Hartford business community. Enjoy!

P.S. I do not have a snaggle tooth, no matter what it looks like in that video. : /
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I took Ben on a tour and tasting at a local chocolate "factory" yesterday. I use the quotes because the facility is very very small. I had visions of our experience at the Ben and Jerry's Factory tour and the chocolate factory is, like, the size of my living and dining room. So there were a few minutes where we had to adjust our expectations and settle into the reality of the actual experience. But from then on, it was wonderful! We learned a ton about chocolate making and even got to help with some of it. We took all kinds of silly pictures but they were on old-school disposable cameras and I haven't gotten them developed yet.

In other news, I've been making slow progress with my current WIP. It's been especially difficult to carve time out of my schedule to write over the past several months. Wait, let me amend that--to carve time out of my schedule when my brain is still functioning. My day job has spilled over into my personal life and I'm trying to reclaim my personal time for myself. It's a slow process. :)

In other other news, this week marks the first of a six week commitment I've made to myself to exercise, for real. I've done some off-and-on jags with the elliptical machine in the past but this time I'm getting serious and committing to at least 3 times a week and including weights. I know it's going to suck and I'm going to hate every moment of it for a while but I'm hoping that if I press myself through six weeks of it, I'll get past that point to where I at least don't hate it and it feels a little more habitual and integrated into my life, versus some sort of looming Olympic challenge. My first workout is planned for tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


[So...yeah. I'm just jumping back in here without much preamble. No promises as to how often I'll be able to blog or catch up on everyone else's blogs--work life balance still isn't very balanced--but I miss it!]

Things I have accomplished this weekend:
  1. Saw a play (I LOVED, I LOST, I MADE SPAGHETTI, adapted from Giulia Melluci's memoir by the super hilarious Jacques Lamarre - if you're in the Hartford, CT area, I recommend it for a good laugh)
  2. Bought, like, 15 items of clothing (oh, hello there, TJ Maxx)
  3. Bought a rug for my Impossible Living Room Situation*!!
  4. Determined I need return said rug.
  5. Leveled up like 3 times and knocked off a bunch of quests in Skyrim
  6. Cleaned out and re-organized my hair and make up drawers OH MY FREAKING WORD I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS YOU HAVE NO IDEA.
  7. Worked on Brilliant Novel.
And there are still many hours left in the day! I still have plans to go grocery shopping, get my nails done and possibly return the rug-that-let-me-down.

Things Logan has accomplished this weekend:
  1. Eat
  2. Drink
  3. Sleep
  4. Sunbathe
  5. Look cute
  6. Gotten hairs all over my pillow
Clearly time well spent for both of us.

*I have a loden green couch and periwinkle walls. My husband would not budge on the couch, I would not budge on the wall color. I vowed to make it work. It took 5 years to find an accent chair that pulled the two colors together--which, btw, we spent a small fortune on. Another 5 years later, I still don't have a rug that goes with both the couch and the chair. UGH.

Turning into an amoeba

I think I'm devolving.

I used to maximize every moment, seize the day, etc. etc. and lately by the time I get home from work I'm so drained all I can bring myself to do is lay around like a slug and play DrawSomething on my iPhone. Who am I? What am I becoming? Or unbecoming? Damn.

The Day Job is definitely sucking a bunch of my life away, but it's going beyond that. Maybe I need to start taking vitamin D? Maybe I need to drink more? AHA! This downward spiral SUSPICIOUSLY coincides with the point at which I decided to severely reduce my alcohol intake! Problem solved. I just need a glass of wine! ;P

Spring is almost here. Hopefully the change of season will shake me out of this rut. In the meantime, I'll continue to be quiet here when I have no energy and/or only want to whine. :)

I have been making slow progress on the new book, which I continue to be madly in love with. This is a contemporary YA and is definitely presenting its fair share of plotting challenges. How the hell do people make interesting stories about real life???? Haha. No magic system, no one changes into anything (except, perhaps, a new and improved version of themselves) and there are no evil overlords to vanquish. FOR THE LOVE OF RHINOS, WHAT THE HELL DO WE DOOOOO ALL DAY?

So, yeah. Trying to figure out how to get my characters to hit all their narrative touchpoints without a shiny paranormal action plot to move them along.

In other news, I'm growing my hair out. And making wedding invitations for one of my BFFs. And trying to get my addictions to Thai food and Teavana under control. Other than that, it's life per usual around here.

OH! I'll be in San Francisco at the end of the month. Do I have any SF peeps here? Anyone have any must see/must do recommendations?

Another Earth

Has anyone seen the film Another Earth? Ben and I watched it recently and it's been nagging at me. I can't let go of the central idea of the movie, which is what if you did something utterly unforgivable, something that ruined many lives, but then discovered a way to see what your life--and theirs--would have been like if you had never made that mistake? I love love love this concept and all of its inherent hope and heartbreak. There were other aspects of the film that are bugging me, though, and not in a good way. Like, say, the ending. And the "romantic" "relationship."

Anyone whose watched it, care for a spoilery discussion?

Random Updatery

I'm eating croutons as a snack right now. Is that weird? I think that's weird.


I apparently have to resign myself to the fact that my blogging is simply going to be sporadic. *le sigh* I have the best intentions, really I do. For now, other things continue to worm their way ahead of my LJ on the priority list. I am trying to keep tabs on all of your blogs, though, even if I don't always have time to comment. :)

I started a new project. I feel like I have multiple personality disorder, as I've cycled through several project ideas since finishing TLOS but there it is. I guess, thinking back, I did something similar when I finished B&S. It still strikes me as both strange and wonderful that the things my brain wants to write do not always bear any relation to the things my creative heart wants to write.

I am INSANELY IN LOVE with the new project, though. It's another YA, which is one of the reasons I decided to delay again on the idea I mentioned in my previous post (the old notes), which was definitely adult. Also, the research is FASCINATING! I have two words for you, people: Shaun Ellis. If you can find the National Geographic documentary on him called A Man Among Wolves, watch it. Unbelievable stuff.

(P.S. No, I'm not working on a werewolf book.)

ETA: I meant to point you to this excellent post on Marjorie Liu's blog about how to differentiate yourself as an artist. Really, really great stuff. I've been thinking about it a lot.

Old notes

Do you ever look back at something you worked on a long time ago and think, "Really? I came up with all that? Huh..."  :)

I've spent the morning going over old notes I made on a book (working title abbreviated: PR) that was Absolutely Going to be the Next Book I Wrote No Really...back before I started on TLOS. This story will not let me go. I have really good notes on it and I like the characters and the potential for conflict between them. Now I just need to figure out plot and how to tell the story. The backstory is huge and essential (I know, I know, everyone thinks that about their characters' backstories but this one really is) and I have to think creatively about how much of that information needs to get to the reader and when.

Hmmm. Time to get to work!
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Best. Game. Ever.

Saturday night was Game Night at my brother-in-law's and sister-in-law's house. Some folks rotated between games but I spent the entire night playing Telestrations or, as I like to call it, The Most Hilarious Game of All Time. I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. I even got a headache from the laughing. So much fun.

The game comes with a handful of miniature dry erase spiral bound notebooks, dry erase markers, and word cards. Everyone gets a word, which they write on their notebook. They then have 90 seconds to draw the word on the following page, like you would in Pictionary. When time's up, you flip the notebook page over to hide your drawing, pass the notebook to the person on one side of you and receive a notebook in the same condition from the person on the other side of you. The timer starts again and you have to look at the drawing in your newly received notebook, guess what the word is and write it in the notebook. Flip page over, pass notebook. Timer starts again and you now have to draw the word in the notebook. And so on until you get your original notebook back. Sort of like a combination of Pictionary and Operator. You score points if the word at the end matches the word at the beginning (and you can also score points for most creative and most hilarious).

Let me show you why this game is so freaking hilarious. My word: Director.

Collapse )
Seriously. Best game evar.

On becoming a label whore

So I bought my first Coach bag over the weekend.

This is a big deal for me. First, I have never been the kind of girl to want things just because everyone else has them or because they're the cool things to have. Particularly not with clothes or accessories. If I buy trendy things at all, it's usually ages after the trend is truly trendy, when I have been beaten into submission by the overabundance of said item permanently imprinting itself on my consciousness. You know, sort of like how I am finally warming up to Adele's "Rolling in the Deep."

However, I have recently experienced an irrational yearning for... gasp... trendy things. Like Ugg boots. (I bought Bearpaw boots because they're cheaper but still well made and holy jesus are they amazing. Why did I wait?? Like wearing slippers everywhere.) Or a Coach bag.

I do not spend big money on handbags, people. I set my bag down on the floor of restaurants, kick it under tables at weddings, and cram my lunch into it on weekdays. Really, the notion that I would "invest" in a nice handbag is a joke. Also, I carry the same handbag all year round, every year, until it wears out.

So why, you may be asking, did I just spend an absurd amount of money on a Coach bag? I honestly have no idea. I did learn that part of the reason they're so expensive is that they're very well made and come with a lifetime guarantee. But I just keep repeating that to people in order to justify my unholy love of The Precious.

I absolutely adore my new bag. I can't even pretend that I'm not insanely infatuated with it. Which means, I suppose, that it was a worthwhile purchase, considering I bought it at a discount, am 36 years old and have a good job (meaning I can theoretically afford it and, damn it, I'm old enough to buy ridiculous, expensive things for myself).

But I continue to be plagued by the question... who have I become? Why am I fulfilled by a Coach bag?

Disturbing. And yet... I love my bag. So much. Did I mention that?